Col. Charles DeMorse's 29th Texas Cavalry Rides Again
29th Texas Cavalry Flag
Crossed CSA Battle Flag and Crossed Sabers

Col. Charles DeMorse's Headstone

Texas Flag
Crossed CSA Battle Flag and Crossed Sabers

Col. Charles DeMorse Headstone

Col. Charles DeMorse
Clarksville Cemetery
Clarksville, Red River County, Texas, USA

Obituary from the Hillsboro Reflector - Nov 3, 1887

Clarksville, Tex., Oct 25 - This morning our people learned with regret the death of Colonel Charles DeMorse. Col. DeMorse had only been ill a few days, when he died about midnight last night. He was a native of Massachusetts, spending almost all of his life in Texas, having cast his lot among our people in 1835, when the Lone Star state was dripping its blood of heroes. He, among a volunteer party from the sister state, landed on our southern coast when he was just nineteen years of age, and on foot started immediately for the dark scenes of conflict, and was in sound of “The Twin Sisters” that played such an important part under Sam Houston on the immortal field of San Jacinto. Coloney DeMorse was with Houston through the remainder of the war, until Mexico acknowledged the freedom of Texas.

He was also a member of the staff of Albert S. Johnson, and was a Colonel in the late war between the states. He edited a paper in Austin prior to 1842 when he came to Clarksville and established the Standard, indexing his sentiments, always standing by his people, pleading for an honest Domociatic government. He was a member of the constitutional convention of 1876 and has mingled in the front rank of polities for many years. He delighted to talk and write of the days when it tried men to oppose the tyrants of Mexico. He passed away without any pain. he knew that his time had come, and was as calm and contented as man can be. He said that he had recognised for some time that “his days of usefulness were about spent, that his part in the drama of life had been played, and he hoped well” and died perfectly satisfied. he was seventy two years old.

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