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Below is a list of Compatriots who have developed a program and is willing to speak to your camp. If you would like to be added to this list, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Speaker Topics Requirements
Gramling Jr., Paul C.
Past Commander in Chief
(318) 294-1563
Sons of Confederate Veterans 30 Minutes - 1 Hour
Hays, Charles
(903) 939-2435
(1) Civil War Limericks
(2) Jackson in the Valley
Each Program Approximate 45 minutes Long
Montgomery, Richard Lee
"Jefferson Finis Davis", "Alexander Hamilton Stephens", "John Henninger Reagan", Robert Edward Lee", "Thomas Stonewall Jackson", "James Ewell Brown Stuart", "Joseph Eggleston Johnston", "The Black Confederate", "The Confederate Chaplain", "The Culture of the Confederate States", "The Confederate Book of Quotes & Narratives", "Another Look at Six Myths in the Lost Cause", "The Enlisted Confederate Soldier", " Martyrs For The Confederate Cause", "The Confederate Military Cadet", "Flags Of The Confederacy", "Sectional Differences Between the North and the South", "The Texas Revolution to the Seventh State of the Confederacy", "The Christianity of Thomas Jonathan Jackson", "The Southern Baptist Convention & The Confederate States", "From Tariff's to Secession", "It Was Also A Theological War", "Fort Sumter", "Was God On The Side Of The North?", "Women Serving the Confederate States of America", "Abraham Lincoln: His Religion & Views On Race", "Lincoln's Tyranny", "Union Soldiers & Their Yankee Atrocities", "The Hard Hand Of War", "Julia Ward Howe: The Battle Hymn of the Republic". All programs are 30-40 minutes long. If the travel is over 100 milles - gas cost, If the travel is over 250 miles - gas & motel cost
Pepper, Michael Edward
(903) 916-0963
Confederate States Navy - All Theaters
Confederate States Trans-Mississippi Department
Red River Campaign
New Mexico Campaign
Shelby Expidition to Mexico
Reconstruction in Texas
Will Discuss Options
Smith, Terry
(903) 238-3020
TLS Stories from the Soil Two tables to display items
Vogl, Mark K.
The Rebel Mountain Story Teller
Lee, the man and the Christian
Jefferson Davis, the last Washingtonian President
The Battle of Chancellorsville, Lee's most audacious victory
The Confederate Constitution
Dick Dowling and the Boys of Erin
A Confederate Christmas
Many more.
Depends on Program


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